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LONGLIST REVIEW: Dinosaurs in 30 Seconds

We all find dinosaurs fascinating. Their size, the variety, the way these ancient creatures were (and still are) discovered- all these things make them fascinating. They really were real life monsters! 'Dinosaurs in 30 Seconds' journeys back in time millions of years ago and reveals the facts about the creatures that ruled the earth.

Some lived in swampy forests and toxic lagoons whilst other lived in vast deserts facing deadly sandstorms. This book takes a look at the variety of life that lived in these diverse landscapes and time periods. Thanks to paleontologists we have been able to unearth incredible facts about the lives of these prehistoric creatures and this books compiles this information into 30 second summaries.

There are 30 dinosaur fact topics for lovers of extinct super reptiles. Each topic should take only 30 seconds to read and contains vibrant illustrations, challenges and super quick summaries. Topics are grouped together and have their own glossary of key terminology in order to help the reader better understand the world of palaeontology.

Beginning with evolution and the first dinosaurs and ending with the bird like dinosaurs of the cretaceous period, topics are divided into geological time periods. There are also sections about fossils, dinosaur bones and the palaeontologist who discovered them. It is a fascinating mix which is easy and quick to read.

There are many ways this book could be used in the classroom. Children could be set on a word hunt, using the glossary to find words and write their own definitions.

Writing a precis (Y6 English P of S) is a very hard skill to master. Having a 30 summary offers an excellent example of how this can be done. Children could look at what has been included and discuss why these points have been chosen. Would they have made the same choices? Thy could create their own summaries, like the ones found in each section. Can they makes ones that vary in length? Can they get down to a  10 second or a 5 second summary? How effective are these?

Can each section really be read in 30 seconds? Try timing it to see. Can it still be read effectively or is the reader rushing and the reading becoming less clear? (performing)

Children could write their own glossary, selecting words they feel need to be defined or choose their own dinosaur to write a 30 second summary about.

Dinosaurs in 30 Seconds

30 Fascinating Topics for Dinosaur Detectives Explained in Half a Minute

by Sean Callery, illustrated by Sam Hubbard

Ivy Kids      ISBN: 978-1782403999

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This is NOT a Science Book

Described as a 'smart science book', 'This is NOT a Science Book' is jam-packed full of activities to engage children with the delights of scientific discovery and creativity. Offering an abundance of cutting, sticking and colouring, this is a perfect 'go-to' book for school holidays or wet weekends!

There is something to do on every page- each designed to help the reader make sense of science. For example, these chameleons can be used to make a flip book, with an additional copy of the page at the end so that you don't have to ruin the book. Clear instructions tell you what to do with additional ideas for follow-up activities.

The book offers a lovely range of topics which can be enjoyed in isolation, to further explore something learned about in school or visited again and again. Above all it is a fun, hands on way to explore.

Bringing science to life and banishing its image as a 'dry' subject, 'This is NOT a Science Book' is fun for everyone!

This is NOT a Science Book   by Cliff Gifford, illustrated by Charlotte Milner

Ivy Kids     ISBN: 978- 1782403975

Academy books

Packed full of information and activities, these lovely books offer a fascinating insight into what a vet does and what an engineer does. Each book offers activities, stickers and a press out model as well as games and things to make.

Having an engineer for a husband, I had an expert opinion I could refer to about the quality of the content of the book. Firstly, he was delighted to see a book for children which focuses on engineering, a profession he feels is very overlooked in schools. He also felt the book gives a good introduction to some fields of engineering and what they involve.

'Vet Academy' looks at being a 'Pet Vet', a 'Zoo Vet' and a 'Farm Vet' and what each area involves. With an emphasis on understanding animals' needs and 'love being the best medicine', the book offers practical advice and guidance on what the job entails.

Both are attractively presented and are designed to be practical books to be worked in and used to develop interest. Perfect for children who have an idea of areas they might like to pursue, but also great for those who know nothing about each field, these 'Academy' books are a brilliant idea.

Engineer Academy by Steve Martin, illustrated by Nastia Sleptsova

Ivy Kids     ISBN: 978-1782404460

Vet Academyby Steve Martin, illustrated by Angela Keoghan

Ivy Kids    ISBN: 978-1782404477