Jolabokaflod- an Icelandic tradition.

Ever happy to embrace the traditions of other cultures, Iceland's Christmas Book Flood - the Jolabokaflod - is a firm favourite of mine. Sharing something I love so much with others is a real pleasure- the choosing, the wrapping, the giving!

Torie gave these wonderful choices to her nephew and niece...lucky children! Two great reads fro two great kids!

The boys in my life are not easy to choose for, but I love a challenge!

For my son, 'Frankenstein' seemed to be a good choice- something beautifully written and compelling. It's a classic I think he might enjoy- and he seemed keen to try it!

Loving the 'Harry Potter' books, he recently expressed an interest in re-reading them so I thought it was time for him to have his own copies instead of borrowing mine! I love the illustrations in these editions.

Student cooking!

Torie and I found this treasure for him on our trip to Bath. As Ricky's studying accounting and finance, we thought he would find it funny!

Duck soon realised that spreadsheets full of facts and figures did not interest him at all.

This is a lovely book with great illustrations!

Gav loves a good magazine- our opinion of what makes a good magazine differs hugely- but I did my best!

His books were exercise and history related!

Not everyone is with us this Christmas Eve... and so will have to wait until I see them- but they will still have their Jolabokaflod books. What an excellent tradition!

And one of these is for Torie...and one for Emily...

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! Enjoy the book giving!