Kate Hindley

The Same But Different Too


There are many similarities and many differences in this lovely book, each one acknowledged and celebrated as they should be. A whole host of wonderful animals and equally wonderful children compare and contrast the things they do, enjoy and are good at, making sense of their world as they share it with those around them. It is a truly delightful book full of gorgeous illustrations.


Simple rhyming sentences bounce along, making this a wonderful read aloud with plenty of opportunities for joining in and guessing the rhyming words.

I am listening.

You are too.

I love stories.

So do you.


The illustrations are just wonderful, celebrating the joys of diversity every bit as much as the text. My class were quick to spot the little boy in the wheelchair, for example, and be pleased to see a child like X (a child in another class) being shown in the story. There are so many little details to spot and enjoy- I love Mr Mole’s house! The last spread sums up the closeness and companionship felt by everyone in the story, no matter what their differences. I would love this as a picture on my wall- it makes me smile every time I see it!


Perfect for assemblies or story time, ‘The Same But Different Too’ would be wonderful for opening discussions about diversity. It could also be used to create some more rhyming sentences celebrating other similarities and differences, illustrated in the same vibrant, fun style.

A joyful celebration of the differences that make us unique and the similarities we share, ‘The Same But Different Too’ is a delightful, thought-provoking book for all to enjoy.

The Same But Different Too Karl Newson, illustrated by Kate Hindley

Nosy Crow ISBN: 978-1788004008

Royal Rabbits at the Bath Festival


This is Shylo- runt of the litter- the weakest and quietest of his family. Often the butt of his siblings' jokes, this little rabbit shows everyone that there is a hero inside each of us. 


Santa explained that the idea for the Royal Rabbits had come from her son when he was about six. When he wasn't able to go to sleep, she told him to think of something he loved- rabbits which he then said lived under Buckingham Palace! And so the story began! 


Having shown us her earliest works of art, Kate then drew one of the Ratzis- Flintskin. The ease with which she created the picture was amazing! Her skill was then put to the test as Santa selected some helpers from the audience who came up with ideas for a new character to join the Ratzis- Nibbles!


Santa read to us from book two- 'Escape from the Tower'- doing a marvellous job of bringing the characters to life with different voices. Whilst she was doing this, Kate was drawing again, sketching the scene as Santa read the words. 


With the disgustingly wicked Ratzis, led by Paparatzi and the quiet, unassuming hero, Shylo, 'The Royal Rabbits of London' are great books with gorgeous illustrations.

The Royal Rabbits of LondonSanta Montefiore and Simon Seabag Montefiore,

illustrated by Kate Hindley

Simon and Schuster   ISBN: 978-1471157868

The Royal Rabbits of London: Escape from the TowerSanta Montefiore and Simon Seabag Montefiore,

illustrated by Kate Hindley

Simon and SchusterISBN: 978-1471157899