Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue

The Adventures of Kitty


Having a mother with superhero powers isn’t always easy. Sometimes mum has to go and help others when really Kitty would like her to stay at home. Kitty knows that someday she will inherit her mother’s cat-like powers, but she isn’t sure that she will ever be brave enough to embark on the brave and daring adventures this will involve.

In the first book (Moonlight Rescue), Kitty is approached by a little cat called Figaro who is in need of help. Amazed that she can understand him, she learns that there is a terrible noise coming from the clock tower. Afraid of the dark, Kitty has to pluck up her courage and leap into action.

In her second adventure (Tiger Treasure), Kitty and her kitten, Pumpkin, sneak into the museum to see a prized exhibit. When this is stolen, they must help to recover it before morning.

These little books are perfect for newly independent readers. Kitty is a very appealing character who comes to realise she can be brave with the support of her new found feline friends and confront her fears. The stories are full of wonderful illustrations in black, white and orange which really bring characters to life. With the added bonus of fascinating feline facts at the end each book, these gentle stories make a lovely read.

Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue Paula Harrison, illustrated by Jenny Lovlie

OUP ISBN: 978-0192771650

Kitty and the Tiger Treasure Paula Harrison, illustrated by Jenny Lovlie

OUP ISBN: 978-0192771667