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NSTBA Past Winners- Read Aloud Category

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Reading aloud is one of the most pleasurable and important parts of a teacher’s job. This category is great fun to investigate and find candidates for- and we have read some treasures over the years! All of those short listed ( and most long listed!) are now tried and tested in our classrooms and have been huge successes. Such a wonderful selection to pick from.


In 2015, the wonderful ‘Hercufleas’ won. This is a great story, full of fun and houmour- and an adorable flea! On WBD this year, in our Sharing Stories assembly, Torie chose Chapter One to read to KS2 and it was as popular as ever! You can read our review here.


Sam attended the awards ceremony and has been a firm favourite with the group ever since, twice making the trip to visit schools in our group and speaking to JAB.

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‘Dave Pigeon’ won in 2016. Sheena, Swapna and her family came to the ceremony and were just wonderful. Warm and friendly, they added to the lovely atmosphere of the occasion. Dave proved to be a great hit with our children and each new book is eagerly anticipated. Light-hearted and quick to read these books have been particularly popular with Y3/4 children. You can read our review here.

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Andrew Beasley won in 2017 with ‘SCREAM’, a delightfully spooky read with really strong characters. Andrew was lovely when he attended the ceremony and was delighted to receive the award. The second book of this series, ‘Carnival of Monsters’ has also been very popular.

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You can read our review of ‘The Mummy’s Revenge’ here.

Last year, this category was won by the lovely Laura James and Emily Fox, both of whom came to the awards. Fabio is great fun and we are looking forward to sharing book two with children as soon as possible. Great fun, this highly illustrated, colourful story really offers something a little different. You can read our review here.


So many wonderful books to share, making the daily read aloud session something really special for everyone. Because these are chosen to be read aloud to a class, not all of them have book event ideas or teaching suggestions to go with them, but some do.


This year’s contenders are looking just as exciting- only thirteen days until submissions close now!

Quality Fiction next!

Pirate Pug: The Dog Who Rocked the Boat


In this latest puggy adventure, Lady Miranda and Pug are off on a seaside holiday, staying in the best suite of the Smuggler’s Rest Hotel, Pebbly Bay. being afraid of water, Pug isn’t sure about being so close to the sea, but enjoys settling on the sand for a nap. However, an accident with a beach ball, leaving him wearing an eye patch, missing treasure and a rival gang of pirate on the treasure trail, and Pug has to face his fears and save the day- and the treasure!


Perfect for pug-lovers and new independent readers, ‘Pirate Pug’ is the fourth adventure for our doggy hero whose antics amuse and entertain. The size of each title in this series is perfect for young hands, the large, clear text easy to read and each book has a satisfying ‘chunky’ feel to it. The illustrations are delightful, highly engaging and full of character, adding to both the humour and the appeal.


The wonderfully quirky Pug once again has to face his fears and proves that being diminutive does not prevent you from being a hero, however unlikely! The story offers plenty of opportunities for discussion, not only about pirates, but also about the actions of Finnian and his gang, the importance of team work and about facing fears.

Pirate Pug: The Dog Who Rocked the Boat Laura James, illustrated by Eglantine Ceulemans

Bloomsbury ISBN: 978-1408895948

You can read our review of Captain Pug here, Safaris Pug here and last year’s NSTBA Read Aloud winner, Fabio here and here.

2018 Read Aloud Shortlist

So here it is...

the 2018 NSTBA Read Aloud shortlist.


Nevermoor- The Trials of Morrigan Crow   Jessica Townsend

Orion     ISBN:  978-1510103825

You can read the long list review here.


The Book Case - An Emily Lime Mystery      Dave Shelton

David Fickling Books       ISBN: 978-1910200544

You can read the long list review here.


Fabio The World's Greatest Flamingo Detective: The Case of the Missing Hippo

by Laura James, illustrated by Emily Fox

Bloomsbury     ISBN: 978- 1408889312

You can read the long list review here.


You Can't Make Me Go to Witch School!       Em Lynas, illustrated by Jamie Littler

Nosy Crow        ISBN: 978-1788000130

You can read the long list review here.

Congratulations to all! The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 10th November.