Lauren James

The Starlight Watchmaker


Hugo is a watchmaker, working alone in his attic room, at an elite academy for rich students from across the galaxy. Having been abandoned by his previous owner, he is lucky to have a job and a home; many other androids are not so fortunate. Hugo’s orderly life is completely disrupted one day when Dorian, one of the privileged students, arrives with a watch which needs mending. This leads to a mystery which they must work together to solve.

Barrington Stoke are well known and respected for the excellent range of titles they produce which support those with dyslexia. ‘The Starlight Watchmaker’ is a fabulous example of a compelling, enjoyable read aimed at older children which is accessible to a younger reading age. Its beautiful presentation makes it really tempting.

Hugo is a wonderful character and the development of his friendship with Dorian is lovely to witness as the two come to understand each other’s world more clearly. The lack of understanding of those born to wealth and privilege shown to those who have so little is explored through the story.

Laura James has created a fascinating, well imagined and incredibly diverse world, populated by butterflies riding penny farthings, clockwork moths, students whose scalps are covered in tentacles…It’s just wonderful!

‘The Starlight Watchmaker’ is a beautiful tale of friendship and understanding, full of wonderful characters and offering a satisfying story. Brilliant!

The Starlight Watchmaker Lauren James

Barrington Stoke ISBN: 978-1781128954