Lawrence Schimel

One House for All


Raven, Crayfish and Horse are really good friends. Now they are grown up, they want to get married, but still remain close so they decide to build a big new house where they can all live together. But each has very clear ideas about what they need from a home. How will they managed to keep everyone happy?


This is a lovely story about the importance of friendship and compromise. As each creature adds what is important to them in the house design, they forget to consider the very different needs of their friends, resulting in problems for each of them. Only when they consider the whole picture- finding a solution that suits them all- are they able to find a compromise which makes them all happy. Each creature's needs are met, but not at the expense of their friend's.


The illustrations are full of colour and imagination. The deep river flows through the whole book with fantastical fish swimming in its waters as the friends ponder - and solve - their problem.

A great story for encouraging children to discuss compromise, the importance of recognising your own needs whilst valuing those of others and respecting differences between friends, 'One House for All' is beautifully produced and offers something just a little different!

One House for All by Inese Zandere, adapted by Lawrence Schimel,

illustrated by Juris Petraskevics

Book Island     ISBN: 978-1911496069