What would it be like to high five a polar bear, chatter with a Toucan or stare into the enormous eyes of a giant squid? A playful peek into Sophy Henn’s book ‘Lifesize’ will give you the opportunity to do just that. Each page features a new lifesize adventure. From animals on African plains, to frozen artic deserts, rainforest jungles to the depths of the ocean, Sophie Henn presents the very best in show. Whenever an animal is featured on a page and you see the word LIFESIZE, we are guaranteed to be looking at an animal, or part of an animal, that is the true to life size.


Can you roar like a Bengal tiger or stick your tongue out as far as a giraffe? Lifesize contains seven animal challenges to enable readers to interact with the book and test how they measure up against some truly incredible animals. Travelling the globe through the pages of the book, readers will not only get a ‘lifesize’ look at some truly incredible animals- bee hummingbirds, arctic lampreys and pretty Cuban todies- but they will also learn fascinating facts about animal habitats and behaviours.


At the end of the book, readers are able to see how a selection of the featured animals measure up against each other. Measurements are not only recorded in centimetres and metres, but also in Lifesize books. A giant panda is surprisingly only five books from head to tail, whereas a giant squid is a staggering 60 books long!


This gorgeous book is the perfect topic text for any primary classroom. Readers could research and write non-chronological reports about their favourite animals or find their own animals to measure and write about. Sophy’s beautiful illustrations are an essential feature of this book and her simple clean style would be easy for readers to copy using printing methods. Finally, as this book is all about size, readers could investigate a variety of animals to measure and compare.

If you enjoy this book as much as we have, then look out for a life-size prehistoric adventure coming in March of 2019.


Lifesize Sophy Henn

Red Shed ISBN: 978-1405289573