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Daisy, Daisy...

Daisy and Daddy are having lunch together, but Daisy doesn't like carrots! Or mashed potato...or any vegetable!  Does Daddy panic? No- he will find a way to make lunch fun and delicious!

With quirky, humorous illustrations on every page, this book is a real celebration of parenting. Daddy is creative and imaginative, comforting and loving. He comes up with an ingenious way of tempting Daisy to try her mash- a Potato Robot! And what Daisy does, Daddy does too- what a team!

The details in the pictures are wonderful- the endpapers are a real treat! This is just one of Daisy and Daddy's adventures- I look forward to reading their others!

Daisy Darling, Let's Have Lunch! (A Daisy and Daddy Story Book Vol III)

Markus Majaluoma

Pikku Publishing   ISBN: 978- 0992805098




Yours Sincerely, Giraffe

This is one of those books that you just want to share with everyone!

Tell me, how do you spend your days?

Do you have good friends? Or are you all alone?

Do you have lots and lots to do? Or are you feeling bored?

Let me introduce you to Giraffe.

Giraffe is bored- as usual- so when he notices a new mail service by Pelican (who is also bored!), he decides to send a letter. And this is the start of a delightful new pen-pal friendship, full of mis-understandings!

The pen-pal Giraffe has found is Penguin. Not knowing what a penguin looks like, Giraffe, quite naturally, has many questions. Penguin also has queries about what Giraffe tells him about himself. What is a neck? And does Penguin have one?

In the end, Giraffe decides to dress up like his new friend and go to visit. He tries his best, but the results are comical to say the least, showing how easily people can mis-interpret information and misunderstand each other.

This is a great book, offering plenty to discuss and plenty to laugh about. There is a wonderful directness and simplicity about the writing which is very appealing and the line drawings add to this perfectly.

As well as being a great read aloud- perfect for sharing- this book would work so well as a book to inspire further work. There are many writing opportunities here- and not just letter writing! Narrative, poetry, persuasive, discussion, journalistic, recount, reports... so many possibilities! It lends itself to PSHE work and in today's digital world, could inspire a pen pal project- real letters!

Gecko Press seem t have a real knack for tracking down these gems from other countries- and this is no exception.

Yours Sincerely, Giraffe     by Megumi Iwasa, illustrated by Jun Takabatake

Gecko Press    ISBN: 978-1927271872