Lost Tales

Lost Tales

'Lost Tales' is a wonderful collection of lesser known stories from around the world, re-told in comic form.

The lovely cover shows images from the different tales bursting from a book and cutting paths of colour across the bright white background. Tempting? Absolutely!

There are eight tales included in the book and a map with figures from each story locating its country of origin appears at the beginning . By this map, there is a pile of books which I assume are the sources Adam Murphy explored when choosing his selection.

Each tale is perfectly told in a patchwork of pictures! Adam Murphy's fabulous illustrations and choice of colours vivdly bring each one to life, taking us from the Punjab to Brazil to Japan, each with its own flavour and style.

Any of these tales could be used with a class to inspire work, to be read and enjoyed together, to encourage those less keen to read and to motivate children to portray other stories, myths and legends in this way.

I really hope this is the first in a new Phoenix series which will present more of these wonderful stories from around the world with the care, humour and style Adam Murphy does in this volume.

The Phoenix Presents...Lost Tales by Adam Murphy

David Fickling Books     ISBN: 978-1910989197