Marc Martin

A River


Rivers are part of our landscape and of our lives. This beautiful book follows the course of a river on an imaginary journey, exploring each new landscape it passes through. 

There are stories to be told from the very end-papers of this luscious book. The girl's room is full of details and objects that can be used to build a picture of her personality before the book is even officially started! These can then be seen sowing their seeds in her imagination as her boat travels along the river on its journey. 

Although successful as a picture book for younger children, this book could obviously be used for work around rivers with older children. Parts of a river, the river's journey, different landscapes- all these things could be explored using 'A River' as a starting point for learning. But, for me, the greatest joy of this book is the idea of the limitless possibilities of the imagination. 

The artwork is so atmospheric and detailed that each spread is perfect for inspiring children to develop their own ideas through the use of illustration before choosing words to support their ideas. Experimenting with mixing the colours and tones they wish to use will encourage children to think carefully about the words they choose to describe their scene. Planning out their imaginative voyage of discovery will allow them to explore possibilities and to 'plan' a story should they wish to write or tell one.

An amazing book, 'A River' is one book you should judge by its beautiful cover!

A River written and illustrated by Marc Martin 

Templar Publishing   ISBN: 978-1783704330