Margaret Bateson-Hill

Fold it and cut it and turn it around...

One of my favourite things about this year's FCBG Conference was Margaret Bateson-Hill's workshop. A talented story teller, she also taught us some paper cutting techniques.

Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain has long been a firm favourite of mine. I have used it in school on a number of occasions, including the ideas for paper cuts which it has at the back. So it was wonderful to hear the story performed so magically by the author herself!

Fold it and cut it and turn it around,

Open it up and see what you've found...

Margaret had us all joining in with the story, even teaching us how to say the rhyme in Chinese. The story has the text in both English and Chinese and is beautifully illustrated.

And then we had a lesson in paper cutting. Fold it and cut it and turn it around...


Open it up and see what you've found...


At the back of Lao Lao, there are patterns for paper cuts which you can try for yourself. Margaret showed us how to create the flower and showed us her dragon paper cut. This is an ambitious project, but children enjoy tackling it!

Masha and the Firebird  is another of Margaret's books and you can download a firebird mask from her website here. This story is based around Russian folklore and has suggestions for painting eggs.

Leah's Christmas Story is another lovely book which tells the Christmas story from the innkeeper's daughter's perspective. There are some activities based on this book on her website as well. I have used this many times to encourage children to explore different viewpoints.

Lovely books by a lovely lady!

Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain, illustrated by Francesca Pelizzoli    ISBN: 978-1840890464

Masha and the Firebird, illustrated by Ann Wilson   ISBN: 978-1840892017

Leah's Christmas Story, illustrated by Karin Littlewood   ISBN: 978-0745960937