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JAB South

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Tonight, JAB South met for a very busy meeting! With the summer term possibly the craziest of the school year with sports' days, writing reports, plays, summer fairs etc, we were a small, but happy group.

Peter Shelton from Beanstalk SW came to talk to us about their work and how their Reading Helpers are working in schools, both in this area and nationally. 

Next, we heard from Duncan Beedie who very kindly agreed to join us after he had spent the day at Bournville Primary. It was wonderful to be able to ask him questions about his work and find out about his new book, coming out next year. It was a real pleasure to have him with us! His most recent book, 'The Last Chip' is one of our long listed picture books this year.

Having discussed this year's Summer Reading Challenge, we looked at 'Candy' by Lavie Tidhar, illustrated by Mark Beech which Scholastic have generously sent us copies of so we can have this as one of our reads. We also agreed to continue reading books from the long list ready for short listing in September.

'Tin' by Padraig Kenny and 'Song of the Dolphin Boy' by Elizabeth Laird were our two discussion books from our last session. 'Song of the Dolphin Boy' is currently being used in one of our year 4 classes at the moment and planning for this will be added to the members' section of the website over the summer, based on what has worked well with these children. Both of the books inspired lively discussion and interest- worthy of their place on our long list!

We finished today's meeting with a book sale- and lots of tea and biscuits! It was lovely to see everyone and enjoy some book-ish chatter! Thank you to everyone for coming!




Meet Maurice the Museum Mouse!

Which Greek king invented the fireplace?

Alexander the Grate.

Having been a teacher for many years, I've heard my share of jokes told by children. The ones that they seem to enjoy the most don't seem to change from class to class!

This book offers a whole host of history related jokes as Maurice the Museum Mouse leads you through a wealth of fun/freaky/foul/fascinating and other facts!

Many of the jokes are obvious, but there are also those which might encourage children to explore further to find out what makes them funny. For example,

Why did Romans drink so much wine?

Just Bacchus.

Learning without realising - the best way!

Covering a wide range of historical periods from many cultures, this book is a great way to interest children in history. Plenty of humorous illustrations on each spread add to the information and jokes. I really enjoyed finding out about some Roman goddesses I knew nothing about!

Which ancient civilisation was the most untidy?


I know this will be a winner with my class- and I look forward to hearing some new jokes for a change!

Maurice the Museum Mouse's Amazing Ancient Facts and Jokes

Tracey Turner, illustrated by Mark Beech

Nosy Crow    ISBN: 978-0857638670