Murder Mystery

LONGLIST REVIEW: Rose Raventhorpe Investigates: Black Cats and Butlers

Butlers are being murdered and when Argyle, the Raventhorpe butler, is next on the list, Rose is determined to solve the case. And then there's the mystery of the cat statues- why are they disappearing..?

Set in Victorian Yorke, 'Black Cats and Butlers' is an excellent mix of mystery and adventure with a historic flavour. Rose makes a wonderful heroine; full of qualities not appreciated in women at that time, she throws herself into the thick of things, determined to find the truth whatever the cost! 

Full of well developed characters, 'Black Cats and Butlers' makes an excellent read aloud with plenty of action and lots of opportunities for 'doing the voices'- all those butlers for a start!. The vocabulary chosen is rich and varied, offering plenty of atmosphere. 

The Yorke of the story is not the York we know and yet there are similarities Rose visits the Shudders, once the Shutters, 'a cobbled alley so narrow that the window shutters of opposite buildings almost touched each other.' The cat statues of York also play a significant role in the Yorke of the story as does the 'Cathedral'.

'Black Cats and Butlers' offers all the thrills and spills of a murder mystery with touches of humour along the way. I look forward to reading her next adventure soon!

Rose Raventhorpe Investigates: Black Cats and Butlers   Janine Beacham

Little, Brown Books   ISBN: 978-1510201286