Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl

Sing To the Moon


Dreams are wonderful things and one little boy wishes he could reach the stars and ride a supernova to Mars. But waking on a rainy day, he is faced with the reality of heavy skies and charcoal clouds. Finding Jjajji waiting for him in the kitchen, they spend the day together, doing lots of chores and whilst they work, Jjajji shares many stories with him- of his childhood friend, of climbing trees, of his own father- and then as the day ends, they enjoy stories from books of ‘ lost cities and heaps of gold…African kingdoms and sights to behold.’ And before he knows what has happened, the rainy day is over and the little boy realises that no adventure could compare with being with the grandfather that he loves.


‘Sing to the Moon’ beautifully explores the relationship between a little boy and his grandfather. The illustrations are wonderful, showing the power of imagination and the warmth between them. The story is set in Uganda which (according to the notes at the back of the book) has two rainy seasons when there is a lot of rain. Living in England where there are many rainy days, the story reminds me of days when my boy was little and we had to be endlessly inventive with the games we played and the stories we created.


A beautiful story for sharing- perhaps on a rainy day- ‘Sing to the Moon’ is written in in rhyming text and reminds us of the importance of spending time with family, valuing them and listening to the stories they have to tell us.

Sing to the Moon

Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl and Sarah van Doorn

Lantana Publishing ISBN: 978-1911373391