Neill Cameron

Cartoon Chaos inspired by Neil Cameron


Knowing how much my class (and other children in school!) love the Phoenix books, I was very excited to get my hands on a copy of 'Mega Robo Rumble' by Neill Cameron. This led to a cunning plan for my Book Group last Friday!


I found a clip of Neill talking about drawing Alex (one of the Robo Bros) which we watched before looking at some of Neill's books, particularly 'Mega Robo Rumble'. They were so excited and were thrilled when I explained that they were going to create their own hero cartoon characters. 


We had all manner of fabulous creations. The children also enjoyed looking at 'How to Make Awesome Comics' (also by Neill) to get ideas. 


We will be finishing these on Friday and sharing them with the rest of the school. I loved the way that all the children were completely engaged and buzzing with ideas. No one said they couldn't do this or that they didn't have any ideas- they were overflowing with enthusiasm!


Look out, Phoenix Comics- some of your future contributors could be amongst this lot!