Nichola Davies

Animal Science – Just the Right Size

Why Big Animals are Big and Little Animals are Little

I love it when I finish reading a children’s book and feel more intelligent than when I started it!  With ‘Animal Science – Just the Right Size,’ my tired little brain cells grew and fizzed with each page! A fantastic, mix of non-fiction and picture book, this fascinating little book is absolutely jam-packed full of science. 

Through clear explanations and delightful comic-style illustrations, the reader is taken on a journey through the natural world where they learn the science behind the size of different animals: why ants will always be stronger than humans, why real humans will never be able to fly and, thankfully, why giant spiders could NEVER exist (PHEW!).  Prepare to have your bubble popped if you are hoping to become the next superhero because the strict scientific rules that keep creatures from getting too big mean that the real super heroes are usually super small (much smaller than a human being)

Brimming with facts, playing on humour and with illustrations that draw you in, this book will appeal to even the most reluctant reader.  The text is packed with scientific and mathematical vocabulary, whilst remaining unthreatening and accessible for Key Stage 2 children. ‘Animal Science’ will open doors for a whole raft of mathematical and scientific activities, including work on area, mass, measure, surface tension and classification. It is also sure to have children (and adults) looking at the natural world and all of its inhabitants – especially the smallest ones – in a whole new light.

This book went straight on to my ‘buy for the library’ list, as did the other 5 books in the ‘Animal Science’ series.  I can not wait to learn about the truth about the deadliest creatures on earth, how and why animals communicate and the unnatural history of the unmentionable. 

Nicola Davies (author) Neal Layton (illustrator) Walker (publisher)