Non Pratt

Teen Treats!

Today, my 'baby' is going to University. I am so excited for him and proud of his achievements- but I am also painfully aware of how much I am going to miss him. He's hardly ever here as it is- always out with on group of friends or another- but now his clothes etc are all in bags, waiting to go in the car, the fact that he is going has really hit me!

So- in an effort to take my mind off the inevitable, here are some teen treats that I have read recently!

Lydia      by Natasha Farrant

Chicken House   ISBN: 978-1910002971

Like so many others, I love 'Pride and Prejudice' and the adventures of the Bennet girls so this was a must-have for me as soon as I saw it!

'Lydia' tells the un-told story of the youngest of the Bennet sisters- the story Jane Austen did not tell! The Lydia of this tale longs for adventure and can't wait to leave the countryside. Like the original, she is impetuous and impulsive, but Natasha Farrant explores her thoughts, making us empathise with Jane Austen's 'thoughless Lydia'.

The story is particularly strong when Lydia gets her wish and goes to Brighton. Here, Lydia's 'missing story' is developed with details of life in a seaside resort of the early 1800s and the reader can see her grow and mature, viewing her escapades more sympathetically than they might otherwise have done. The outcome is still the same- she ends up married to Wickham- but it has a different feel.

Whether you're a 'Pride and Prejudice' fan or just looking for a great read, 'Lydia' is the perfect choice!

Unboxed   by Non Pratt

Barrington Stoke    ISBN: 978-1781125854

I cried and cried when I read this book. Five friends created a memory box whilst at school. Five years later, four return to keep a promise to the fifth who has now died.

What unfolds is a beautifully written story of friendship and how people change. Barrington Stoke are well known for championing stories for dyslexic readers and the quality of their range and choices shines through in this book.

'Unboxed' is accessible, but challenging, offering much to think about- an excellent read for anyone and everyone!


The Baby by Lisa Drakeford

Chicken House    ISBN: 978-1910002230

And now for something completely different!

Olivia has been looking forward to her seventeenth birthday party so much. Things start well, but rapidly go downhill, ending abruptly when she finds her best friend, Nicola,  giving birth on the bathroom floor.

What unfolds is the story of five teenagers and the baby in the fallout that follows. Each character is very well developed and convincing and the story explores some very 'real' issues whilst maintaining excellent pace and great writing.

Full of unexpected twists (oh, the ending- what WILL happen next?), this is an engaging, enjoyable read, offering much food for thought!