Not My Fault

Not My Fault


I am Rose Elizabeth Sheridan and I am the one to blame.

Born just eleven months apart, sisters Maya and Rose used to be close. But that was before the accident- one sister urging the other to spin the roundabout faster; Maya’s leg getting trapped and everything changing. Maya blames Rose and resents her for being perfect in every way. In her anger and frustration, she constantly plays tricks on her sister, which Rose feels too guilty to tell anyone about. A school trip brings tensions to a head.

Cath Howe has produced another winner with ‘Not My Fault’. Each chapter (written in a different font) shares the viewpoint of one of the sisters and Cath has caught their individual personalities perfectly. The strain of the accident on their relationship- the guilt born by one, the fury by the other- and on the family as a whole is skilfully portrayed.

The story builds to a dramatic, satisfying climax, offering plenty of twists along the way. Cath is particularly good at capturing friendships - the positive and negative sides- and these are explored beautifully throughout the story. I can’t recommend Cath’s writing enough!

‘Not My Fault’ is a fantastic read from the author of our 2018 Moving On Category winner.

Not My Fault Cath Howe

Nosy Crow ISBN: 978-1788002868

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