Phil Earle

Demolition Dad


Jake Briggs couldn't be more proud of his dad. By day, George Briggs is a Demolisher. He reduces buildings to rubble - no one is 'smarter, quicker, or better at it than George Briggs.' And although he might not be the finest figure of a man, George Briggs has a secret life, shared with his number one fan and son, Jake. At night, George Briggs is a wrestler- DEMOLITION MAN!

However, Jake has a plan. He wants the world to know about his amazing dad and turn him into a global superstar. But is that what his George really wants? And when the opportunity comes his way, how will he cope?

This is a wonderful father-and-son story with great warmth and humour throughout. Jake idolises his dad and in return, George is the kind of father every boy dreams of! However, there is more to the book than this. When things don't work out, George is left feeling like a failure and sinks into depression. Jake tries everything he can to reach his dad and the story explores their emotions and reactions sensitively and with understanding. 

With illustrations that will inspire children to create their own wrestling characters (no doubt a few will be inspired by their teachers!) and a great plot, 'Demolition Man' makes a great read aloud!


Demolition Dad by Phil Earle, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

Orion   ISBN: 978-1444013863