Rosie Wellesley

'Go to sleep, Prickly One, cold winter is coming.'

This is a delightful story about an ususual friendship between a hedgehog who doesn't want to go to sleep and the wind.

The other animals are all too busy getting ready to hibernate to play with little Isaac who just is NOT sleepy! Isaac is sad until a whispering voice offers to play with him one last time before winter. Having enjoyed a series of lovley games with his new friend, the wind, Isaac is ready to snuggle down in his pile of leaves whilst the wind sings him to sleep.

Isaac has such an expressive little face and is a very engaging character which children will relate to. Wind is a gentle, affectionate playmate, answering Isaac's questions patiently.

...some of the best things can neither be seen nor be held, yet they are real...

The illustrations throughout are delightful, using rich autumnal shades and including little details to spot and discuss- the seeds drifting on the breeze, the geese on the end papers... Perfect for talking about hibernation and the seasons, 'Wide-Awake Hedgehog' is the perfect book for snuggling up and sharing. Who wouldn't want to play in the autumn leaves after reading it?

Wide Awake Hedgehog        written and illustrated by Rosie Wellesley

Pavilion    ISBN: 978-1843653097