Sarra Manning

JAB- favourite books of 2016! (part 2)

Choose ONE favourite book!?! Impossible! So here are a few..!

Picture Book:

SO many to choose from, but my choice is...

Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph.

I simply adore this book! It's message is so clear and strong- and much needed. In a society that seems obsessed with creating clones, it is wonderful to find such a humorous, passionate celebration of being an individual.

Each page is a visual delight with so many quirky details to spot that the book begs to be read and looked at again and again and again! So for all those of us 'whistling a different tune', for those who would like to - and even for those happiest blending in, this is the perfect book!

Read Aloud:

Rose Campion and the Stolen Secret

by Lyn Gardner

Brilliantly exciting, this is a real page turner. Full of great characters and a gripping plot, Rose Campion is a fabulous mystery story for all to enjoy.

I shall say no more- you need to read it for yourself!

Quality Fiction:

The Wilderness Wars- Julia Green

Celebrating the joy of playing outside, skinning your knees, climbing trees and only going home at teatime, The Wilderness Wars is a fabulous story about friendship and fighting for things which are important to you. Great read- and lots of great ideas for things to do in the back!

Older Readers:

London Belongs To Us- Sarra Manning

Such a good read, combining wonderful London sights and sounds with an excellent story. When she sees her boyfriend kissing someone else, Sunny is on a mission to track him down. On doing so, she meets a whole host of wonderful characters- and learns a lot about life, love...and herself! Add it to your 'must read' list now!

Cell 7- Kerry Drewery

Chilling! A horrifying possibility of things to come...


The Secret Cooking Club- Laurel Remington

Another must read..!


The Great Fire of London by Emma Adams, illustrated by James Weston Lewis

The perfect book to commemorate the 350th anniversary of this significant event in English history! Beautifully illustrated, informative and fascinatinging- what more could you ask for?!


A Poem for Every Night of the Year-

edited by Allie Esiri, illustrated by Zanna Goldhawk

This is a fabulous collection of poems old and new. There are poems commemorating historic events, festivals, traditions...from all over the world! Each poem has a brief introductory comment. Today's poem- one of my all time favourites- Talking Turkeys by Benjamin Zephaniah!

I could go on...and on and on... but I'll stop there. So Many books; so little time!