Simon Tyler

Enter the fascinating World of... Bugs


Full of bright, bold illustrations, this lovely book introduces the reader to more than 50 fascinating bugs of all shapes and sizes. 

The book starts with generalities- definition,  types of bug, anatomy , life cycle...and so much more before focusing on different types. 

My class were fascinated by the vivid illustrations, enjoying the fact that they are drawn larger than life so they can be more easily admired. As we had been learning about Linnaeus and his binomial system, they were pleased to see evidence of this in the book. 


Facts about the biggest, longest, smallest, most dangerous and beneficial bugs conclude this wonderful look into the world of these tiny creatures. The author's enthusiasm for his subject is evident and there is so much to learn- some not-so-nice (see the Emerald Cockroach Wasp on p.47), some surprising (see the Orchid Mantis on p. 75) and some lovely (see the Madagascan Sunset Moth p.56). A comprehensive glossary explains a whole range of terms which are highlightedin bold the first time they are used. 

It's a fabulous book to explore and enjoy! Bug-tastic!

Bugs Simon Tyler

Pavilion  ISBN: 978-1843653431