Steve Martin

Academy books

Packed full of information and activities, these lovely books offer a fascinating insight into what a vet does and what an engineer does. Each book offers activities, stickers and a press out model as well as games and things to make.

Having an engineer for a husband, I had an expert opinion I could refer to about the quality of the content of the book. Firstly, he was delighted to see a book for children which focuses on engineering, a profession he feels is very overlooked in schools. He also felt the book gives a good introduction to some fields of engineering and what they involve.

'Vet Academy' looks at being a 'Pet Vet', a 'Zoo Vet' and a 'Farm Vet' and what each area involves. With an emphasis on understanding animals' needs and 'love being the best medicine', the book offers practical advice and guidance on what the job entails.

Both are attractively presented and are designed to be practical books to be worked in and used to develop interest. Perfect for children who have an idea of areas they might like to pursue, but also great for those who know nothing about each field, these 'Academy' books are a brilliant idea.

Engineer Academy by Steve Martin, illustrated by Nastia Sleptsova

Ivy Kids     ISBN: 978-1782404460

Vet Academyby Steve Martin, illustrated by Angela Keoghan

Ivy Kids    ISBN: 978-1782404477