Summer Reading Challenge

JAB South

Last Chip 1.JPG

Tonight, JAB South met for a very busy meeting! With the summer term possibly the craziest of the school year with sports' days, writing reports, plays, summer fairs etc, we were a small, but happy group.

Peter Shelton from Beanstalk SW came to talk to us about their work and how their Reading Helpers are working in schools, both in this area and nationally. 

Next, we heard from Duncan Beedie who very kindly agreed to join us after he had spent the day at Bournville Primary. It was wonderful to be able to ask him questions about his work and find out about his new book, coming out next year. It was a real pleasure to have him with us! His most recent book, 'The Last Chip' is one of our long listed picture books this year.

Having discussed this year's Summer Reading Challenge, we looked at 'Candy' by Lavie Tidhar, illustrated by Mark Beech which Scholastic have generously sent us copies of so we can have this as one of our reads. We also agreed to continue reading books from the long list ready for short listing in September.

'Tin' by Padraig Kenny and 'Song of the Dolphin Boy' by Elizabeth Laird were our two discussion books from our last session. 'Song of the Dolphin Boy' is currently being used in one of our year 4 classes at the moment and planning for this will be added to the members' section of the website over the summer, based on what has worked well with these children. Both of the books inspired lively discussion and interest- worthy of their place on our long list!

We finished today's meeting with a book sale- and lots of tea and biscuits! It was lovely to see everyone and enjoy some book-ish chatter! Thank you to everyone for coming!




JAB North!

This evening members of JAB gathered in the north of the county for this term's meeting. Not even the glorious sunshine and warmth of the evening could tempt us away from our bookish discussions!

Last time, we chose to read two of the books from our longlist- The Song from Somewhere Else and Radio Boy. Both books were a great success for different reasons.

'The Song from Somewhere Else' was described as ' appealing from the first page' with 'pictures which enticed' the reader. The way the cover design makes more sense once you know the story was also commented on. There was great discussion about which year groups we would use this title with and how which was very interesting.

Completely different, 'Radio Boy' was greatly appreciated for its humour. A brilliant read to build stamina for those moving on to longer books or for those who enjoy a chuckle, this is a very accessible book which was enjoyed by all!

Tonight, we were joined by the lovely Sophia - also known as the Library Lady!- who came to tell us all about this year's Summer Reading Challenge which sounds great. There will be a post all about this towards the end of term and we were all very grateful to her for joining us and being so enthusiastic about engaging children with reading.

With the usual biscuits, books and great company, it was a lovely meeting. We welcomed some new members to the group as well which is always brilliant! For our next meeting, we are each going to read 'Ollie's Odyessy' and choose a book from the Picture Book longlist to talk about. Please get in touch for more details if you would like to join us!

The Big Friendly Read!

Every summer, children up and down the country take part in the Summer Reading Challenge. Organised by our amazing libraries, it is a great way of engaging children with reading over the summer holidays.

My son used to take part when he was younger and now my nephew and niece have taken up the challenge! Children in my class have particularly enjoyed the BFG link this year!

Those who think libraries do not matter to communities should think again. Many children do not have ready access to books at home- and certainly not to the range of reading material available at the moment! I have friends who struggle to keep up with their children's reading demands which is excellent- but expensive! With the library shelves on offer and the excellent guidance of librarians everywhere, it is possible for children to read to their heart's content! For those children whose parents are unable- or unwilling -to buy them books, the library enables them to have the new Robin Stevens, Michelle Robinson or Dave Rudden title- or all three!

So- thank you, librarians, from all us teachers- and parents- who you have helped by keeping our children engaged with books over the summer. A job well done- and one which we are really grateful for! Where would we be without you?