Susie Hodge

Why is Art Full of Naked People? and Other Vital Questions about Art

This is a book that encourages you to ask questions about art! There are questions on every page like Why is everything blurry? Do you have to be clever to look at art? What is it exactly? and of course, Why is art full of naked people?

Different types of art from different periods are discussed over twenty-two questions , each one considered over four pages. For example, the question 'What is it exactly?' looks at works by Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, Dick Tjupurrula and Barbara Hepworth. Its light-hearted tone makes it an easy read, yet the text is informative and interesting. The range of works chosen are well considered and engaging.

The title question was enough to get my class reaching for this book and having caught their attention,  kept it. They found some of the works of art funny, some odd, some beautiful; some they liked and some they didn't; but what they did do was ask questions and engage with the works the book explores. 

Perfect for those interested in art, 'Why is Art Full of Naked People?' is also a great starting point for those who know little about the subject. A  humorous look at the world of art, it makes a welcome addition to the class or school library!

Why is Art Full of Naked People? and other vital questions about art      Susie Hodge

Thames and Hudson     ISBN: 978-0500650806