The Big Book of Birds

The Big Book of Birds


The fourth in the ‘Big Book of…’ series, ‘The Big Book of Birds’ is every bit as fascinating as the others. The large format makes it perfect for sharing and each spread is presented in Yuval’s playful style. A brilliant family book, younger children can spot the eggs hidden on each page ( a guide to locating them is included at the end) whilst older ones can enjoy the information. Everyone will love the illustrations!


A clear index shows ‘who’s inside’ the book and each section starts by posing a question which is then answered in the text. There are spreads focusing on particular birds and others on more general subjects, such as eggs. Advice for the potential bird spotter makes it clear that patience is needed to spot birds and that nests and eggs should not be touched. A comprehensive index at the end makes it easy to locate information.


The pages on flamingos explain their pink colouring, how they eat, try to impress a mate, cool themselves down and stand on one leg to sleep. There is enough information here to entertain or to act as a starting point for further investigation. Other spreads look at the hummingbird, kingfishers and hoopoes. Each is full of fascinating facts abut their appearance, feeding habits and nests.


In school, children could present further research in Yuval’s style, using his artwork for inspiration and carefully choosing snippets of information best suited to their design. The pages about giving garden birds a home might provide a starting point for looking after birds in the school grounds. Designed to capture interest and feed the intellect, ‘The Big Book of Birds’ is perfect for the budding ornithologist, birdwatcher or nature lover.

The Big Book of Birds Yuval Zommer

Thames and Hudson ISBN: 978-0500651513

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