The Book Case

2018 Read Aloud Shortlist

So here it is...

the 2018 NSTBA Read Aloud shortlist.


Nevermoor- The Trials of Morrigan Crow   Jessica Townsend

Orion     ISBN:  978-1510103825

You can read the long list review here.


The Book Case - An Emily Lime Mystery      Dave Shelton

David Fickling Books       ISBN: 978-1910200544

You can read the long list review here.


Fabio The World's Greatest Flamingo Detective: The Case of the Missing Hippo

by Laura James, illustrated by Emily Fox

Bloomsbury     ISBN: 978- 1408889312

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You Can't Make Me Go to Witch School!       Em Lynas, illustrated by Jamie Littler

Nosy Crow        ISBN: 978-1788000130

You can read the long list review here.

Congratulations to all! The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 10th November. 

LONG LIST REVIEW: The Book Case An Emily Lime Mystery

IMG_6663 (2).JPG

After an 'unfortunate incident' at her old school, Daphne is on her way to St Rita's, a girls' boarding school. Being a bookworm, she is delighted to be offered a post in the library which is where she meets the unique, quirky Emily Lime, the librarian's assistant, who just happens to be a crime solving genius. Daphne also meets George- the only boy in the school. With strange things happening around them, the three find themselves teaming up to solve the mystery.

Full of fabulous characters, 'The Book Case' is a brilliant read. The school could be compared to St Trinian's in its cast of larger than life pupils and staff. Evidence of failed chemistry experiments, chaos in lessons and midnight feast raids on the kitchens create a fantastic impression of what this school for 'Spirited Girls' is all about! The irascible Emily Lime is just brilliant- her wonky glasses and beret, her 'sour expression', her complete lack of comprehension that anyone might not like books, her outrage when one is damaged- all build a very quirky, individual and unlikely 'Holmes' figure for the story. George- the only boy at an all girls' school- is an unexplained mystery in himself who explains much of the craziness to Daphne (and the reader). 

The story romps along at a pleasing pace, littering the path of the reader with clues about the mysterious goings on until it reaches its conclusion. It is very well written with lots of wonderful description. George, for example, is described as having 'an odd smell about him, of something faintly exotic but distinctly unpleasant; his hair was enthusiastically berserk.' 

Feeling at times like a tongue in cheek Malory Towers, set at some time like the 1930's, 'The Book Case' is a rompingly good read, with lots of black and white illustrations throughout. Spiffing really!

The Book Case - An Emily Lime Mystery      Dave Shelton

David Fickling Books       ISBN: 978-1910200544