The Gift of Dark Hollow

The Five Realms...


The Bard is moving on as it is not safe for him to stay. Before leaving, he manages to gain an apprentice Bard- young Rue- who travels with him to the excitement of the Festival of Clarion. On the way, the Bard shares more of the legend of Podkin One-Ear. 

When Podkin finds the Gift of Dark Hollow and overhears a secret conversation, the rabbits hope to find Surestrike, the hammer of Applecross, another of the Twelve Gifts. Podkin, Paz- and Pook- set off on another adventure to try to defeat the Gorm. 

Every bit as good as the first, 'The Gift of Dark Hollow' is a beautifully told, exciting story. The reader's understanding of the characters and their connection to them is developed and the balance between the bard's story and the legend of Podkin is perfect. Rue is a wonderful new character- full of life and enthusiasm!

Throughout the book, there are the most amazing black and white drawings of scenes from the story. The detail is incredible, bringing the text to life with great skill- they are so atmospheric!

Kieran Larwood is a master story teller. One minute he pulls the reader into the thick of the action, feeling the terror of the rabbits- the next, gentle humour creeps in. I love his use of language- even some of the fighting seems poetic! I cannot wait for book three and am feeling the need to read both Podkin and this one again to fill the gap!

Highly recommended for those who like something to get their teeth into! 

The Gift of Dark Hollow by Kieran Larwood, illustrated by David Wyatt 

Cover illustration by Fernando Lopez Juarez

Faber and Faber   ISBN: 978-0571328413

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