The Little Mistake

The Little Mistake


When her sheepdog has puppies, Rosie is so excited. However, things do not turn out as expected; Trixie’s puppies are still born, except for one- a big fluffy pup which does not resemble a collie at all. Looking and behaving differently, the puppy is considered ‘a little mistake’, something Rosie has heard her parents refer to her as. But Puppy teaches everyone that being an individual is a wonderful thing and that not all mistakes are bad!

This is such a lovely little story. Farm life makes the perfect backdrop and the setting is beautifully described with a deep love of the countryside and nature shining through. The importance of Trixie’s puppies being champion sheep dogs and the disappointment of the pup being ‘a mistake’ is clear and makes Rosie’s determination to raise him and train him all the more poignant. The fact that Puppy is too friendly and looks too much like one of the sheep to be an effective sheep dog reinforces the fact that he is a ‘mistake’, yet it is these qualities which enable him to become a ‘hero’ in the end.

Rosie’s worry about the comment she overheard her mother making about Rosie being ‘their little mistake’ is also resolved at the end of the story as the situation with Puppy offers them the opportunity to talk.

“Sometimes the things you don’t plan are the nest of all!”

Nicola Davies’s rich language and sweet story are perfectly complemented by Cathy Fisher’s beautiful drawings; the picture of Puppy and his other lying together is so sweet! Short and achievable, this book is one of a series of stories set in the countryside, perfect for engaging reluctant readers and book-lovers alike!

The Little Mistake Nicola Davies, illustrated by Cathy Fisher

Graffeg ISBN: 978-1912654086