The Moon in Swampland

Dragons at the Bath Festival


Another session I really enjoyed at Bath was M P Robertson's dragonytreat! He talked to us about how and where he works. From his suitcase, he produced a dragon's eggs and some horns and then showed us a film of his pet dragon, Ignatius, who made a lot of noise and breathed a lot of fire!


After all that excitement, we then settled down to do some drawing step by step. The results were really good and even I managed to produce something which looked like a dragon!


Inspired by the session (and let's be honest, I don't really need an excuse!), I bought 'Pet Dragon', a beautifully illustrated book about looking after a dragon. Flicking through it, I thought it would be excellent for using in school and look forward to working on some planning to go with it!


My favourite M P Robertson books are 'The Egg' and 'The Moon in Swampland'- and this joins them!

Dare to Care Pet Dragon M P Robertson and Sally Symes

Frances Lincoln    ISBN: 978-1847805898