Egmont Reading for Pleasure Awards 2018


Yesterday, I went to The Open University in Camden to attend their Research Symposium: Reading for Pleasure: what next? As part of this day, the Egmont Reading for Pleasure Awards were to be presented by Michael Rosen.


Having caught the 6.20am train, I had plenty of time to catch up on some reading. 'Thornhill' is a fantastic read, told through journal entries and pages of illustrations.It is an incredible story- one which we will be reviewing very soon.


Read number two was the next in the wonderful 'Secret Diary of...' series by Philip Ardagh, illustrated by Jamie Littler. Full of fun facts and information, these books are extremely entertaining! I'm sure the man siting next to me was trying to read it over my shoulder whilst pretending to work! This is another title we will review soon.


My final read for the journey to London was this - 'Lifters' by Dave Eggers. This was a very enjoyable read- another for the to-be-read pile!


I finished my books just as the train arrived at Paddington station where I took a moment to visit my favourite bear! I then made my way to Camden and to the offices of The Open University, arriving just in time for tea and pastries. Fortified by my nine-thirties, I was ready for a morning of research and discussion about reading.


Chris Routh from the FCBG was there and I realised one of the speakers was someone I had gone to school with- it's a small world!



And was time for the awards. Mendip Green had entered in the whole school category and were awarded Highly Commended. The only drawback was having to have my photo taken! It would have been lovely to have the whole staff there to receive our certificate!


The day continued with lots of thoughtful discussions, including a panel of speakers who spoke about the reading projects they are involved in and the impact these are having. I made copious notes which I plan to share with everyone at a staff meeting soon!


All too soon the conference was over, so I made my way to Piccadilly and Hatchards Booksellers, a beautiful 'Brilliant Bookshop' where I purchased some new reading material for the journey home!


It was a wonderful day! Lots of food for thought and focusing on reading- what more could anyone want?!