Why Are There So Many Books About Bears?

Why Are There So Many Books About Bears?


In an attempt to answer this biggest of questions, the most brilliant minds in the animal kingdom (and Trevor, a mouse) have gathered at Mollusc College in Oxford. Many suggestions are proposed- is it because ‘bear’ rhymes with so many words, because they come in various sizes, because they are soft? Each theory causes great debate, interrupted by the tea trolley trying to deliver treats. At last, Trevor steps in with a solution to their problem.


An absolute delight from cover to cover, ‘Why Are There So Many Books About Bears?’ is both clever and funny, with amazing illustrations. The greatest animal thinkers have names which reflect their human counterparts and their animal characteristics. William Snakespeare (complete with ruff) is a literary snake, Mary Shelley is a snail, NEWTon is a deep thinking newt and Albert Swinestein is a pig whilst the PhDs (porcupines, hedgehogs and dragons with spines) have theories of their own. Each is full of personality and brilliantly drawn with lots of details on each spread and the book is colourful and attractive.


A fabulous story for sharing in the classroom, this could also be used to develop children’s understanding of debates. Why are there so many books about bears? How would children answer this and what evidence would they give to support their ideas? The idea of playing with names in this way could also be a way of creating some new characters to bring to the debate- or indeed the new issue posed at the end of the story!

‘Why Are There So Many Books About Bears?’ is essential reading with so much to enjoy. We cannot recommend it highly enough!

‘Why Are There So Many Books About Bears?’ Kristina Stephenson

Hachette Children’s ISBN: 978-1444945997