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Kind- A Book About Kindness


Imagine a world where everyone is kind. How can we make that come true?

This is a book which from start to finish celebrates kindness. Full of positive and inspiring ideas, it reminds us all that we can all make a difference by being kind. It is not only beautiful, but much needed reminder in the current climate.


An amazing group of illustrators have come together and generously donated their artwork for the book. Thirty-eight different illustrative styles accompany the wonderfully positive messages. Bright and colourful, each is a real joy to share and explore and the range of artistic styles is fascinating.


Any of the spreads could be used as a ‘thought for the day’ or as the theme for an assembly or class discussion. There are simple suggestions for small acts of kindness which could make a huge difference and plenty to discuss and enjoy. Children could add their own ideas and illustrate them too, creating their own book of kindness alongside this one. It would also be fun for children to illustrate some of the ideas from the book before seeing how an illustrator had imagined it and then comparing the two.


The book finishes with information about Three Peas, a charity which helps people who have had to flee their homes. A donation from the sale of each book goes to the charity and the book explains some of the work they do. There is a foreword by Axel Scheffler who has been a patron of the charity for over two years.


We all need a little kindness in our lives -and to pass that kindness on to others. This is such a beautiful book with so much to offer- everyone needs a copy in their life!

Kind A Book About Kindness with a foreword by Axel Scheffler

illustrated by 38 kind illustrators

Alison Green Books ISBN: 978-1407194561

Cruella and Cadpig


One of this year’s World Book Day books is ‘Cruella and Cadpig’, a follow-up to Peter Bentley and Steven Lenton’s wonderful adaptation of Dodie Smith’s original.

Cadpig is in the park, playing hide-and-seek with all the other puppies, when she gets lost. Spotted by Cruella de Vil, she stumbles on some new friends who come up with a clever plan to help her escape…


I chose this as one of the books to read during my story share sessions as I knew both the illustrations and the story would appeal, no matter what the age of the children who came. Steven’s bright, colourful illustrations are a complete joy- full of delightful details and oodles of character! Those who came to share the story loved it and enjoyed cheering Cadpig on as she evaded the clutches of the evil Cruella.


With its colourful conclusion seeing Cadpig safely back with her family, this little story works well as an introduction to or as a follow-on from the original. Several of the children who came were keen to read Peter and Steven’s first book which delighted me!


You can read our review of The Hundred and One Dalmatians here.

I hope there are more stories about Cadpig and her siblings soon!

Cruella and Cadpig Peter Bently, illustrated by Steven Lenton

Egmont ISBN: 978-1405294379

Ocean meets Sky


Finn remembers his grandfather who used to tell him wonderful stories. To honour him, Finn creates a boat fit for a long journey, like the one they had planned together. After his hard work, he falls asleep and in his dream, a great golden carp comes to guide him on a magical journey until he wakes to his mother’s voice.


Everything about this book is beautiful. Beneath the dust jacket, golden images shine on a deep blue background, tempting the reader to explore further. In contrast, the jacket is dusky, muted tones, yet just as lovely.


The illustrations are fabulous. Finn leaves the sepia tones of his real life for the blues and greens of his dream land. The world Finn sails through is populated by many of the objects and pictures found on his Grandfather’s desk and around his room. The Library Islands are piled high with books, many of the spines revealing familiar and much loved stories, including ‘The Night Gardener’, also by the Fan brothers.


Finn travels through this land until he reaches a starry sky, full of hot air balloons, a Chinese dragon, submarines and ships of all shapes and sizes. The golden fish, who drooping moustache resembles that of Finn’s grandfather, swims towards the full moon who bears the face of Grandfather, smiling serenely as Finn says goodbye and is called home by a familiar voice.


Love and loss are beautifully explored in this wonderful story, through both the text and the delightful illustrations. One not to be missed.

Ocean Meets Sky The Fan Brothers

Lincoln Children’s Books ISBN: 978-1786032058