Ocean meets Sky


Finn remembers his grandfather who used to tell him wonderful stories. To honour him, Finn creates a boat fit for a long journey, like the one they had planned together. After his hard work, he falls asleep and in his dream, a great golden carp comes to guide him on a magical journey until he wakes to his mother’s voice.


Everything about this book is beautiful. Beneath the dust jacket, golden images shine on a deep blue background, tempting the reader to explore further. In contrast, the jacket is dusky, muted tones, yet just as lovely.


The illustrations are fabulous. Finn leaves the sepia tones of his real life for the blues and greens of his dream land. The world Finn sails through is populated by many of the objects and pictures found on his Grandfather’s desk and around his room. The Library Islands are piled high with books, many of the spines revealing familiar and much loved stories, including ‘The Night Gardener’, also by the Fan brothers.


Finn travels through this land until he reaches a starry sky, full of hot air balloons, a Chinese dragon, submarines and ships of all shapes and sizes. The golden fish, who drooping moustache resembles that of Finn’s grandfather, swims towards the full moon who bears the face of Grandfather, smiling serenely as Finn says goodbye and is called home by a familiar voice.


Love and loss are beautifully explored in this wonderful story, through both the text and the delightful illustrations. One not to be missed.

Ocean Meets Sky The Fan Brothers

Lincoln Children’s Books ISBN: 978-1786032058

Duncan Beedie's Mendip Moon Mission!


Today, the wonderful Duncan Beedie visited school to judge the ‘Reading Rocks’ competition which we held as part of our World Book Day celebrations. Everyone was very excited!


We had some wonderful entries to our competition. Having an illustrator as a judge really inspired the children and they could not wait to find out who had been chosen for each year group. Everyone who chose to enter received a certificate and the one Duncan chose from each year group would be able to choose one of his books which he would sign for them.


Duncan led two assemblies- one for EYFS and KS1 and one for KS2. Announcing the winners, he praised all the entries and said how impressed he was by their quality. He explained why he had made his choices and the children were delighted!


After play, Duncan spoke to our KS1 and EYFS children, delighting them by appearing in his spacesuit! They were very excited and love the story about Molly and her moon mission. Duncan showed them how to draw her and the results were amazing! Such concentration!


An author/illustrator visit has such an impact on children- it’s an absolute joy to see! Whether it encourages them to borrow a book from the library, draw some pictures, read a story or talk to their friends and family about what they have seen, it is such a worthwhile experience.

Thank you so much to Duncan for agreeing to come and join us and to Alistair from Books on the Hill for coming and selling books. What a wonderful way to continue our WBD celebrations! More to come on Monday with Sam Gayton!

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World Book Day 2019!


What a fabulous day! Sharing stories has been at the heart of everything that we have done- with our children, their parents and each other.


We started our day with lots of story shares. Parents were invited to come with their children to share stories before school. So many came and had a lovely time.


Children came in so many wonderful, creative and imaginative costumes. We had an Oxford English Dictionary, Bad Nanas, Harry Potters, Pom Poms, George (Almost Anything), The Enormous Crocodile, Claudes… The staff were equally amazing, dressed as a fantastic range of book characters. The Y1 staff took ‘Traction Man’ as their theme; in Y6, Poirot made an appearance alongside Thing 1 and Thing 2…. and a new, little-known character from the latest Dave Pigeon book!


Lots more story sharing took place during assembly and at lunchtime. The afternoon was full of wonderfully book-ish activity. We painted favourite book characters, created comic strips and were inspired by Rob Biddulph’s wonderful bookmarks. Children decorated Rob’s ideas or used them to create their own ideas. These were then laminated and put to good use.


The day ended with more story shares with even more parents coming to listen to stories with their children. It was a really lovely day - and there’s more to come tomorrow as Duncan Beedie is coming to judge our Reading Rocks competition and speak to our KS 1 and EYFS children. Wonderful fun!