Award Moving On

2018 Moving On Shortlist

So here it is...

the NSTBA 2018 Moving On shortlist.


Running on Empty      S E Durrant

Nosy Crow      ISBN: 978-0857637406

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Charlie and Me   Mark Lowery

Piccadilly   ISBN:  978-1848126220

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The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole  Michelle Cuevas

Simon and Schuster      ISBN: 978-1471170188

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Ella on the Outside     Cath Howe

Nosy Crow   ISBN: 978-1788000338

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Congratulations to all! The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 10th November. 



Working for Mr Absalom is all Christopher has ever known and although he is the only 'real' child, he is happy with the odd assortment of mechanical children Mr Absalom has made. 

Then, something happens and Christopher is taken from the life he knows. His friends might not be 'proper' children, but they are as loyal as can be and are determined to find Christopher and bring him home. 

'Tin' is a fantastic quest in which good really triumphs over evil, set in a fantasy world where Mechanicals are a part of everyday life. The plot is full of unexpected twists and there is plenty of action and excitement.

The characters are the real strength of this story. Each is brilliantly drawn and bursting with personality. Round Rob is my favourite; his child-like innocence and good humour make him central to some very poignant moments. All that's best of human nature is embodied in the mechanical characters in stark contrast to most of the humans.

There is much to love in this story and it is  completely engrossing- a real roller-coaster of a read!

Tin     Padraig Kenny

Chicken House   ISBN: 978-1911077657

LONG LIST REVIEW: The Eye of the North


Emmeline is convinced her life is in danger. Clutching her satchel full of things to keep her alive, she makes her way through life, ready for anything! One breakfast time, she receives a letter from her parents which changes everything.

Put on a ship to sail to Paris where she would find safety, Emmeline meets a young boy called Thing, a scruffy stowaway, and an unlikely friendship develops between them. Chased by the criminals who kidnapped her parents, Emmeline is caught and taken to a villainous scientist, who is determined to summon an ancient creature from the icy depths of the north...

Desperate to save his new friend, Thing seeks help from a secret organisation and sets off in pursuit. 

What follows is an amazing story, combining the adventures of Emmeline and Thing as the one races to save the other. Fast paced and exciting, the book is peppered with fantastic characters and magical creatures, making this an enchanting read. 

Thing is a wonderful character. Haunted by his past, he is loyal and resourceful- a perfect companion for Emmeline, whose upbringing and experiences have made her more reserved and cautious. Rich, atmospheric language describes the settings beautifully and Emmeline's world comes vividly to life. With dangers at every turn, this will appeal to those who love fantasy and adventure, making it perfect for our Moving On category.

The Eye of the North       Sinead O'Hart

Stripes Publishing      ISBN: 978-1847159410